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About Joe Kwon

Hey! My name is Joseph Kwon () and I am (among other things) the cellist for The Avett Brothers. Never in my life would I have dreamed of being in the position I'm in now. After all, it's not often a South Korean-born High Point, NC-raised kid who grew up mostly behind a cello reaches the international stage as a standing cellist!


Tour Dates

Tour Dates


Emotionalism The Avett Brothers, 2007 Die Die Die
Paranoia in B-Flat Minor
The Weight of Lies
Will You Return?
The Ballad of Love and Hate
Pretty Girl from Chile
All My Mistakes
Living of Love
I Would Be Sad
Pretty Girl from San Diego
Go To Sleep
Hand Me Down Tune

The Avett Brothers, 2007 Emotionalism
I and Love and You The Avett Brothers, 2009 I and Love and You
January Wedding
Head Full of Doubt / Road Full of Promise
And It Spread
The Perfect Space
Ten Thousand Words
Kick Drum Heart
Laundry Room
Ill With Want
Tin Man
Slight Figure of Speech
It Goes On and On
Incomplete and Insecure

The Avett Brothers, 2009 I and Love and You
The Carpenter The Avett Brothers, 2012 The Once and Future Carpenter
Live and Die
Winter in My Heart
Pretty Girl from Michigan
I Never Knew You
February Seven
Through My Prayers
Down with the Shine
A Father's First Spring
Paul Newman vs. the Demons
Die Then Grow (Target Exclusive)
Standing With You (Target Exclusive)
The Clearness is Gone (7" Exclusive)

The Avett Brothers, 2012 The Carpenter
Magpie and the Dandelion The Avett Brothers, 2013 Open Ended Life
Morning Song
Never Been Alive
Another is Waiting
Bring Your Love To Me
Good To You
Part From Me
Skin and Bones
Souls Like the Wheels
The Clearness is Gone

The Avett Brothers, 2013 Magpie and the Dandelion
True Sadness The Avett Brothers, 2016 Ain't No Man
Mama I Don't Believe
No Hard Feelings
You Are Mine
Satan Pulls the Strings
True Sadness
I Wish I Was
Fisher Road to Hollywood
Victims of Life
Divorce Separation Blues
May It Last

The Avett Brothers, 2016 True Sadness
Closer Than Together The Avett Brothers, 2019 Bleeding White
Tell the Truth
We Americans
Long Story Short
C-Sections and Railroad Trestles
High Steppin'
When You Learn
Bang Bang
Better Here
New Woman's World
Who Will I Hold
Locked Up
It's Raining Today

The Avett Brothers, 2019 Closer Than Together




Taste On Tour

When I'm not on tour, I find myself trying to find creative ways to bring my worlds together. I am a champion of Raleigh, especially the amazing food community that calls it home. That's why I agreed to help develop Transfer Company Food Hall in Olde East Raleigh as a gathering place to share a meal, and idea, and a story.

Taste On Tour


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